May 21, 12 noon CT Zoom

Registration is CLOSED.     Please text 972-333-5705 if you have any questions.

Namaste and Welcome to our Hindu Vivah Virtual Zoom based meet for HINDU SINGLES RAISED IN THE US/CANADA ONLY, AGE 25-30 (LADIES) and 26-31 (MEN)

To be able to attend, you MUST register for this Hindu Vivah Event. Hindu VIvah PROHIBITS anyone from registering on someone else's behalf. Please make sure the person registering is the eligible Hindu SIngle.   The Email address and Phone Number in the profle MUST  belong to the registering single only.   The attending Single will be DISQUALIFIED from attending our events if the contact INFORMATION does NOT belong to the registering single.

Our events require you to be present for the whole duration of the event. We usually close the doors to our event soon after the announced start time. Only registered Hindu SIngles are allowed in the event, and no chaperones or family/friends may join the virtual event.   You MUST be in the US/Canada at the time of the event to register.     To register and attend any of our events, you MUST read and accept our Terms and Conditions as specified on our website at   https://hinduvivah.org/terms-and-conditions/                                                 

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No Initials please


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By Registering with Hindu Vivah, you are CONFIRMING that you belong to the Hindu Faith, and that you agree to abide with the Terms and Conditions as mentioned on our Website www.hinduvivah.org